Bekaif Rafaaqat Min Samar Kiske Liye Thaa

Bekaif Rafaaqat Min Samar Kiske Liye Thaa,
Jab Dhoop Thii Kismat To Shajar Kiske Liye Thaa.

Pardes Mein Sonaa Thaa To Chhat Kis Liye Daalii,
Bahar Hii Nikalanaa Thaa To Ghar Kiske Liye Thaa.

Jis Khaak Se Phootaa Hai Ussii Khak Kii Khushboo,
Pehchaan Naa Paayaa To Hunar Kiske Liye Thaa.

Aye Madar-E-Geti Terii Hairat Hii Bajaa Hai,
Tere Hii Kaam Naa Aayaa To Sar Kiske Liye Thaa.

Yoon Shaam Kii Dehshat Se Sar-E-Dashte Iraadaa,
Ruknaa Thaa To Phir Saaraa Safar Kiske Liye Thaa.

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