Beginings Mean The Most

I Thought So Many Things That Werent Right
When I First Saw You I Stayed Up Late That Night
I Decided Not To Make The Same Mistake With You
Love Was Something I Didnt Want To Go Through
Life Changed After You Came
Living Without You Drove Me Insane
Other People Couldnt Take Your Place
Victum To Loveing You In Every Case
Eyes That Went Along With A Perfect Face
Your Smile That Makes Me Melt
Oblivious To How Your Voice Has Made Me Felt
Under How Fake Or Careless I Seemed To Be
Feelings For You Is What You Couldnt See
Over And Over I Cried
Rather Over And Over I Died
Emotions For You Ate My Heart Away
Vivid Memories Of You Filled My Head Each Day
Early In The Morning Till The Stars In The Night Time Skies
Random Hellos Turned Into The Hardest Goodbyes
Real Love Is So Hard To Find
And Your Love Is Both Real And Kind
Made From The Heavens Above
Out Of No Where Came Your Love
Now Nothing Can Change How I Feel
Together Forever Is Something That Could Be Real
Of Course That Would Mean You Would Have To Feel For Me Too
Round And Round We Can Go On What To Do
Really I Just Want To Call You Mine
Even Though That Could Take Some Time
See;i Will Wait For You Forever, Till The Day I Die
<3 Hopefully On That Day You Dont Make Me Cry.

by babybrowneye 

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09 Jul 2008 1 Comment

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