Beet Gaye Ye Saal Mohabbat

Beet Gaye Ye Saal Mohabbat
Tere Yaad Atte Rehe Par Tum Na Aeay,

Ansoon Ger Ger Kar Anchall Begtta Raha,
Main Muskarta Reha , Mera Dill Por Soz Reha,

Gadigaree Tumhre Kia Khomar Ab Talak Na Gea,
Gom Choke Zamna Par Tum Sa Hum Sanas Na Milla,

Assay Lamhay Bhe Eshaq Main Aeay,
Hum Tum Ko Bhollna Bhe Chatay Thay Par Bholla Na Pay,

Sab Dard Ke Dastan Hum Tak He Rahe Mehdod,
Kash Kay Koch Gum Kay Qessay Hum Tum Ko Bhe Sona Patay.

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21 Nov 2008 No Comment 10

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