Be-Wafa’on Se Dil Laga Baithe

Be-Wafa’on Se Dil Laga Baithe
Hosh Ham Apne Yoon Ganwaa Baithe..

Ham Ko Palkon Peh Kal Bithaayaa Th`aa,
Aaj Naz^ron Se Woh Giraa Baithe..

Ham Ne Ghum Jab Bhee Dekhe Auron Ke,
Saare Ghum Apne Ham Bhulaa Baithe..

Aisi Raahen Hain Is Muhabbat Kee,
Khud Ko Ham Khud Se Hee Ch`upaa Baithe..

Un Se Chaahee Wafaa Kee Jab Saughaat,
Apne Naz^ron Ko Woh Ph`iraa Baithe..

Jaane Kya Kya Khata Hu_ii Ham Se,
Chhuuriyaan Dil Pe Voh Chalaa Baithe..

Muflisi Men Woh Aaye To ‘Mayank’
Apne Zakhmon Ko Hee Sajaa Baithe

Muflisee: Garibee,Poverty
Saja: Docorate, Sajaana,

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29 Sep 2008 No Comment 8

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