The Air Was Cooler Tonight.
A Sign Of Autumn Approaching.
It Felt Like She Was A Girl On A Bus,
Just A Few Stops From Here,
Gathering Up Her Things.

A Bag Of Long Shadows,
A Purse Bursting With Her Relucant Sunrise.

I Was Filling A Glass With Water In The Kitchen
When It Flickered Across The Window
Like A Frantically Blinking Eyelid.

Then On The Other Side Of That Glass,
I Stood On The Grass
As It Circled Again And Again.

A Neat Bow Tie
Turning Knots Of It’s Own
In The Air Above My Head.

It Could Even Have Been A Single Bow
From The Tail Of A Shadowy Kite.
Or Even The Kite Itself,
Flown By An Ant – Standing At My Feet
On The Path – Tethered To It’s Tiny Grip
By A Silvery Strand Of Spider’s Silk

More Shayari by Matthew Coombe
    01 Sep 2008 No Comment

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