Bajaaou Rii, Badhaiyaa

Bajaaou Rii, Badhaiyaa, Ghar Aaye Morey Saniyan

Gayaa Eik Yug, Eik Aahat-See Aayii
Kabhi Kuchh Kahaa-Saa, Diyaa Kuchh Sunaayii
Pulak Rom-Randhroun Mein Jal-Bindu Jaagey
Tabhee Dwaar-Path Par Diyaa Kuchh Dikhaayii

Bajaaou Rii Badhaiyaa, Ghar Aaye Morey Saniyan

Uthii Eik Pal Mein, Tanik Larhkharhaayii
Girii Choonrii Laal, Jhatpat Uthhaayii
Badhhiin Dharhakaneyn, Thaam Ur, Weig Dhaayii
Kharhey They, Liye Baansuree Kar, Kanhaayii

Bajaaou Rii Badhaiyaa, Ghar Aaye Morey Saniyan

Milaa Kalptaru, Bhool Sudh, Beyli Lipatii
Na Jaanaa, Ki, Kab Aa Gayii Baanh Mein Kati
Rundhaa Kanthh, Atayev Nayanoun Sey Bolii
‘kahaan Jaa Chhupey They, Bataaou Jagatpati?

Bhanwar Mein Hai Naiyaa, Bachaaou Mohey Saniyan
Bajaaou Rii Badhaiyaa, Ghar Aaye Morey Saniyan

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
15 Aug 2021 No Comment 10

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