Avoid Negative Sources, People

Avoid Negative Sources, People, Places, Things And Habits, Believe In Yourself,
Consider Things From Every Angle, Don’t Give Up, And Dont’t Give In.

Enjoy Life Today, Yesterday Is Gone, Tomorrow May Never Come.
Family And Friends Are Hidden Treasures, Seek Them And Enjoy Their Riches.

Give More Than You Planned To, Hang On To Your Dreams.
Ignore Those Who Try To Discourage You– Just Do It.

Keep Trying No Matter How Hard It Seems, It Will Get Easier.
Love Yourself First And Most– Make It Happen.

Never Lie, Cheat Or Steal, Always Strike A Fair Deal.
Open Your Eyes And See Things As They Really Are.

Practice Makes Perfect, Quitters Never Win And Winner Never Quit.
Read, Study And Learn About Everything Important In Your Life.

Stop Procrastinating, Take Control Of Your Own Destiny,
Understand Yourself In Order To Better Understand Others.

Visualize It, Want It More Than Anything And Accelerate Your Efforts
You Are Unique Of All God’s Creations, Nothing Can Replace You

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