As You Travel Through Life There Are Always Those Times

As You Travel Through Life There Are Always Those Times
When Decisions Just Have To Be Made

When The Choices Are Hard And Solutions Seem Scarce
And The Rain Seems To Soak Your Parade

There Are Some Situations Where All You Can Do
Is Simply Let Go And Move On

Gather Your Courage And Choose A Direction
That Carries You Toward A New Dawn

So Pack Up Your Troubles And Take A Step Forward
The Process Of Change Can Be Tough

But Think About All The Excitement Ahead
If You Can Be Stalwart Enough

There Might Be Adventures You Never Imagined
Just Waiting Around The Next Bend

And Wishes And Dreams Just About To Come True
In Ways You Can’t Yet Comprehend

Perhaps You’ll Find Friendships That Spring From New Things
As You Challenge Your Status Quo

And Learn There Are So Many Options In Life
And So Many Ways You Can Grow

Perhaps You’ll Go Places You Never Expected
And See Things That You’ve Never Seen

Or Travel To Fabulous Faraway Worlds
And Wonderful Spots In Between

Perhaps You’ll Find Warmth And Affection And Caring
And Somebody Special Who’s There

To Help You Stay Centered And Listen With Interest
To Stories And Feelings You Share

Perhaps You’ll Find Comfort In Knowing Your Friends
Are Supportive Of All That You Do

And Believe That Whatever Decisions You Make
They’ll Be The Right Choices For You

So Keep Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other
And Taking Your Life Day By Day

There’s A Brighter Tomorrow That’s Just Down The Road
Don’t Look Back You’re Not Going That Way

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