As The Shadows Grew Longer

As The Shadows Grew Longer, The Moon Peeped Through
The Sky So Red With Blood Shed By The Drooping

Sun Swiftly Disappearing In To Its Grave.
I Could Feel The Little Sting In My Heart.

Gentle Breeze Blew Across Just About Enough To Separate
The Flowers From The Trees. Flowers That Danced Happily In The Breeze

Have Had To Succumb To The Breeze Itself.
My Heart Stumbled A Bit Looking At The Flowers Fall.

The Fading Sun Had To Surrender Itself To The Dark Clouds
And So Hid Behind Them. Suddenly The Place,

Which Looked So Refreshing, Turned Gloomy And Dull.
And Like The Place Around Sadness Crept In To My Soul And It Was Hurting Me.

As The Pain Grew Higher And Higher,
It Started Raining And The Pain Inside Made Me Shiver.

As I Kept Looking Around For A Loving Hand,
There Appeared The Rainbow As The Sun Shattered The Dark Clouds,

Though It Was Going Down Rather Quickly.
As The Sun Disappeared In To The Heavens,

Moon Peeped Through And It Brought Back The Smile.
As I Turned Around To Look At Every Thing,

I Saw Her Waiting For Me To Take Her In To My Arms.
My Soul Danced With Glee. As She Walked Towards Me,

The Flowers Fell In Her Path And Greeted Her.
From Then On We Were Together Forever…

As The Sun Took Its Birth Again The Rays Of Sun Hit Me Hard,
I Woke Up To Realize That It Was Just A Dream…

I Looked At The Sky And Myself And Smiled.
As That Is All I Can Do That’s Life After All

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12 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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