As I Sit Here Thinking Of You

As I Sit Here Thinking Of You
I Think Of Those Eyes, So Shiny And Blue
Your Touch So Soft, Your Words So Kind
These Things Of Yours Are No Longer Mine

The Days Together , The Nights On Phone
Now I Spend All My Hours Alone
I Dont Remember Wat I Have To Do

But The Only Thing I Do Is
Remember How U Made Me Fee
I Can’t Forget The Fun We’ve Had
Laughing ‘Til Our Faces Turn Red

Talking Of Things Only We Find Funny
People Thinkng We’re Crazy
You Helped Me With Everything
You Made Me Stay Strong

How Will I Live, When You Are Gone?
But I’l Be Strong
For I Know, My Love Still Lives On
And Where The Years Take Us

No Place Is Too Far I’l Just Be A Phone Apart
As I Sit Alone, Thinking Abt Ur Smile
Finds That Your Presence Had Made My Life  Worthwhile
So When You Are Lonely, Remember It’s True

Somewhere I’m Always Thinking Of You
I Loved You Always N I Always Will
Wudn’t It Be Perfect If We Wud Be Together Still

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11 Nov 2008 No Comment 3

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