As I Cycle Down The Hill My Thoughts Stop

As I Cycle Down The Hill, My Thoughts Stop
Need To Control The Speed Induce Fear And I Stumble
I Wonder It Is The Same With My Thoughts
When I Hold On To None, They Form An Avalanche
Fear Grips I Stagger And Stammer
I Wonder Isn’t There An Need To Control

When I Exhibit The Control, I Start To Act
Act Of Life Makes Me Forget The Facts
I Used To Paint The Picture To The World
Now I Live In The Picture Feel Its Real
Isnt This An Irony Which I Should Fear

As The Illusions Grip, I Search For Help
There Along The Horizons A Glimmer Is Seen
I Race To Grab, Thoughts Arise But Trust Is Gone
I Feel The Horizon Is Filled With Light,
Search Of Life Is Complete And Thinking Stop.

As The Days Pass, Nights Melt
I Rejoice In The New World,
Everything Is New, As If I Were Born Again
Objects Are Same But Meanings New,
For The Vision Is New And Inhibitions Gone,

As The Euphoria Persists The Shine Of Light Blinds,
Wherever I Turn The Light Is Seen,
I Feel Now The Light Is Mine And Spread The Hands
I Feel The Warmth And Start To Fly,
Feelings Flow And The Thoughts Arise

As I Enjoy, Farther I Fly
The Want To Have It Forever Is My Aim
I Try To Grasp And Nothing Is Held
I Think It Escaped And Try Again,
This Repeats For Quite A Time.

A Question Arise,
Is It There Or Is It Lost?
I Try To See But The Light Alone Shines
I Wonder Why Is That I Am Blind.
To Have It I Need To See It Right?

I Start To Look For An Shade In The Light,
I Search For The Shadow Of Mine,
As The Panic Grips, Pain Sets In
Angels Sing, Shade Is Seen
And The Shadow World Sets In.

Senses Regain, I Think I Dreamed
Dont You See It Is The Thoughts Again
Though My Heart Might Be Right,
I Dont See Anything Right.

I Wonder Now,
Was It A Thought,
Was It An Illusion,
Whatsoever I Set Out Again,
In The Search Of “Shade In The Shadow World”.

Now I Have A Question,
Tell With Nothing Thought,
Did You Really Listen To Your Heart?

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