Arman Mere Sach Hote Hote Reh Gaye

Arman Mere Sach Hote Hote Reh Gaye,

Khabon Mein Bhi Sath Hote Hote Reh Gaye,

Phir Kabhi Wo Sapne Aaye Hi Nahi,

Aaj Ki Raat Bhi Ham Sote Sote Rah Gaye.

By Arman

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    23 May 2011 No Comment 5

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    Arman Mere Sach Hote-2 Reh Gye, Khabo Me B Sath Hote Hote Reh Gye, Phir Kbhi Wo Sapne Aaye Hi Nahi, Aaj Ki Raat B Hm Sote Sote Reh Gye.

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