Are We That Different

Are We That Different To All Other Life Forms We Too Are Only Born For To Die
The Only Immortal Is The Goddess Of Nature All Others Are Mortals Just Like You And I
We Really Should Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously For Life It Does Seem Too Short After All
And It Will Not Matter To Us When Our Life’s Journey Is Completed If The Living Our Names Never Do Recall
So Many People Do Take Life Far Too Seriuosly So Many Only Yearn For Wealth And Fame
But They Are No Better Off In The Graveyard Than He Or She Who Died Without A Penny To Their Name
The Fame The Money And The Adulation They Seem To Come To Nothing At The End
The Reaper The One Who Treats All As Equal He Never Treats Anyone As A Friend
Are We That Different To Other Life Forms Since Our Life’s Journey Like Theirs Must End One Day
‘Twould Seem To Me That There Is No Such A Thing As A Hereafter Though Many Would Disagree With What I Say
To Me There’s Only One God Mother Nature Though Others Look At Things Quite Differently
People Would Seem Very Ordinary And Boring If On Everything Everyone Did Agree
Are We That Different To Other Life Forms Since We Are Born To Die And Death Is Forever More
There Is No Proof Since None Have Come Back To Tell Us Of A Hereafter Beyond This Earthly Shore.

Francis Duggan

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14 Jul 2008 No Comment

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