Anjana Sa Koi Dil Mein Basne Lage

Anjana Sa Koi Dil Mein Basne Lage
Dil Kisi Se Jab Lagne Lage
Koi Kya Kare Aisi Hallat Mein Dosto?
Jab Aankhain Kisi Ke Liye Jagne Lige?

Soche Dil Usey Hi Baar Baar
Uski Baatain Kare Dil Pe Pyaar Se Vaar
Koyi Kya Kare Aisi Hallat Mein Dosto?
Jab Dil Kisi Ke Liye Haarne Lage?

Baatain Sunne Sunnane Ke Liye Mushkil Ho Intzaar
Aahatain Kisi Ki Bekrar Karne Lage
Koyi Kya Kare Aisi Haallat Mein Dosto?
Jab Lage Ki Kisi Anjaan Se Pyaar Dil Karne Lage

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02 Jul 2017 No Comment 155

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