Anjaan Sehar Anjaan Dagar

Anjaan Sehar,Anjaan Dagar Aur Ajnabi
Logo K Beech Rehna Kita Mushkil Hai Yeh Humse Pucho..

Apno Se Durr Hoke Viraane Basti Mein Kaise Jeetey Hai
Yeh Humse Pucho Pyar Ke Naam Pe Jab Dhoka Mile Toh Dil Kaise Rota Hai

Yeh Humse Pucho Dil K Armaano Ko Jab Koi Kuchal K Chal Deta Hai Toh Kaisa Lagta Hai..
Yeh Humse Pucho Zindagi Me Jise Hum Sabkuch Maan K Chalte Hai..

Jab Wahi Tumhe Samajhne Mein Haar Jaye Toh Kaisa Lagta Hai..
Yeh Humse Pucho Kya Dosti,Kaisi Mohabbat..

Jab Khuda K Naam Pe Hi Koi Jhuti Kasam Khaleta Hai…
Toh Kaisa Lagta Hai Ye Humse Pucho

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22 Feb 2018 No Comment 19

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