Animals Make Me Crazy Er

All The Animals In My Neighborhood Apparently Agree
Sanity, If It Was Ever Mine, Has Now Completely Left Me.
A Red Fox So Sweetly Whispered In My Ear,
“something Has Got To Change For You, Dear.”
Twelve Geese Gave Up Flying And Paraded Through My Garden,
Honking For My Attention And Begging My Pardon,
“susie! Wake Up! Time Is Ticking – Don’t Tarry! ”,
They Looked At Me Sadly And Then Sampled A Berry.
The Rabbit And His Family Who Were Feeding On Bean Plants,
Agreed With The Dozen Geese And Continued Their Rants,
“we Were Speaking To The Deer As They Ate Your Fine Tomatoes.”
“they Were Saying You’ve Lost Your Self. Are There Any Red Potatoes? ”
They Continued With The Gossip, Telling Me About The Rumors,
From Wilkin’s Cows Down The Road, How I’ve Lost All My Humor,
I’ve Been Spotted Sleeping Outside On An Old Trampoline,
Talking To The Hummingbirds And Sniffing Gasoline!
“i Completely Deny Sniffing Anything! ” I Complain,
“the Birds Are My Friends, ” And I Try To Explain,
But The Animals Are Knowing, And They Look At Me Kindly,
As My Tears Begin To Fall, They Gather Round Me Fondly,
“life Is Short, Life Is Long, Life Is Cruel, Life Is Gentle, ”
“take What You Need, Give What You Can, Always Grow, Never Settle.”
As They Left, I Turned Around And In The Field Still Watching,
The Little Fox Tapped His Wrist, And Cried, “susie, Time Is Wasting

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