Amor Eterno

Never Felt This Way , I Was Flying High
I Look At The Moon, The Stars
Wondering ….Why?
Did It Ever Matter?
I Crashed And Burned..
All Dreams Shattered

Magical Kiss
Said I Was His Bliss
I Want To Understand The Lonely Man
Searching, But Never Content
Might Have Found His Soulmate, Still Pretends

Willing To Give It All
Afraid To Take The Step
Looking For Attention He Found In Me
Yet Always Forgets

Finder, Seeker, Not A Keeper
Silly, Caring
Darkness Strikes, Not Sharing
Safe, Not In Place
Thoughts In My Mind I Must Erase

Only I Can Understand
He Is A Man
Gives His Best And Yet Falls
To Me He Stands Tall

Then There Are Days I Want To Forget
I Stop, I Think, I Realize There Are No Regrets

Perhaps I Should Say Sorry
For Things I Didn’t Say
Maybe I Said Too Much
Made Him Run Away

I Never Want To Be Reason For Anyones Pain
I Have Felt It, Won’t Cause It
Nothing There To Gain
May Be The Reason Why I Love The Rain
Quiet, Soft (Like Him) Sometimes Intense
In My Mind Makes Sense
A Reflection Of Me And All I Feel,
Tears Like Rain
Mother Natures Telling Me, Wake Up This Is Real

God Up In Heaven, I Repent For All The Wrong I Have Done And Said
Keep My Soul Pure, Help My Heart Mend
Please Protect My Love I Pray
Keep Him Safe, Keep Him Near
Take Away All His Fears

by dnckeni 

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09 Jul 2008 No Comment

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