Amateur yet Stabled

Im A Beginner
Wasn’t Prepared
For The Book
To Teach Me Things
Instead, Letting
My Heart Mature
And Find A Way
To Let Go
And Cope
I Am An Amateur
Didn’t Know
There Were
So Many Rules
Just To
Find That Someone
While Fate
And Laughs In Your Face
I Am A Novice
I Wasn’t Aware
Of So Many Consequences
To This Game Of Love
How It Breaks
But Makes You
Turn Into
This Person
Of Fears
Of Being Lonely
And Afraid
Of Becoming Just
Another Statistic
I’m An A Apprentice
The Kinks
And Knacks
To Penetration
Was Traditional
Instead Of A Neophyte
I’d Rather
Let Love
Be The Issue
Instead Of
Just Casualty
Becoming An Art

by zubiluvs 

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18 Sep 2019 No Comment 3

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