Alone I Stand Two Hands With Nothing To Offer

Alone I Stand Two Hands With Nothing To Offer,
One Heart That Continues To Beat,

And Continues To Repeat One Phrase That
Has Been Taught By One Person,

I Love You Yes Father I Love You
It Was You Father Who Taught Me To Say These Three Words,

Three Words That Are So Affectionate Reciprocative,
Appreciative Yes Father You Taught Me Ways To Love,

If There Is Nothing To Say,
I Will Always Find A Way To Repay,

For The Memories That You Have Shared With Me,
The Days That You Cared For Me,

There Is So Much To Express,
For The Days That I May Have Chose To Retrogress,

Make My Life A Mess You Gave Me Protection In Every Direction,
The Security I Wanted The Immunity I Needed,

The Love That You Told Me Will Last An Eternity.
Yes Father It Is Through Three Words,

Three Words That Are Meant To Revive My Broken Heart,
Three Words That Keep Me Alive,

Three Words That Give Me A Feeling So Sublime.
Yes Father These Three Words Developed From One Feeling,

The Feeling Of Love The Way That Christ Felt For His Father Above,
His Love Immortalized Through Sacrifice,

My Love For You Father Lives In The Past, Today And Forevermore,
Through Sacrifice And So Much More These Three Words,

Yes Father Only Come To Life When I Say It To You,
They Are The Only Words That Gibe To The Way I Feel About You.

Because Of Its Strength Because Of Its Power,
I Will Always Say It Now And Tomorrow,

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    17 Aug 2020 No Comment 1

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