All This Despair

All This Despair The Scene Had Smoke Everywhere,
With The Smell Of Gunfire In The Air

It Was Obvious, A Great Battle Had Occurred
A Battle Between The Innocent And The Guilty

Screams And Desperate Cries Could Be Heard
All This Despair, Then Why Fighting?

Cadavers Were Strewn Across The Ground
The Injured Survivors Lying All Around

Everyone Was Wounded, Whether Physical Or Mentally
A Woman Was Screaming For Her Dead Child

A Man Was Crying For His Lost Love
Everyone Had Lost Their Loved Ones

All This Despair, Then Why Fighting?
A Baby Was Resting On The Dirty Ground,

Amongst His Dead Family
He Wept, Not Being Able To Understand

What Had Happened?
Why Wasn’t His Mother Soothing Him?

Why Wasn’t His Father Saying Anything?
Why Was Everyone Lying With Dark Red Stuff All Over Themselves?

“daddy, Mommy. Wake Up.” He Pleaded.
But To His Dismay, They Wouldn’t Awake From Their Sleep

His Little Mind Could Not Understand
There Was No One There To Comfort Him,

No One. The Baby Was Alone.
All Alone. No One For Comfort.

No One To Love. All Alone.The Baby Cried
For His Ruined Fate, His Orphaned Future

As My Eyes Came To Focus,
I Noticed Blood Marking Its Territory

The Enemy Was Still Around
It Took Everyone, Even The Innocent Babies

And, Bam!, My Hears Heard Many Gunshots
Whimpering, I Hid Deeper Into My Dwelling

And Watched As A Woman Was Raped,
Watched As A Baby Was Shot In The Head

Watched At The Blood Streamed Down His Angelic Face
And The Angel Of Death, In Despair, Came To Take Him Away

Oh God! What Has Happened To Your Creatures?
Why Are We All Intent On Killing?

Why Is There So Much Hatred?
Why Are People Shedding Tears Of Blood?

Why Is There No One Who Cares?
Please God, Help Us! Show Us The Right Path!

We Are In Desperate Need For Help…
As The End Of The World Comes Closer And Closer

I Can Only But Cry In Distress
As All Around Me, Your Creatures Are Hurt, Aid Us!

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