All Our Government

All Our Government N Politics Is Most Messy,
Meet The World’s Biggest Democracy.

Seeing Our Youth Every1 Will Say India Will Shine,
In The Drops Of Wine.

Here We Have Thousands Of Students In The Group Of Ellite,
More R There Not Knowing How To Write.

Here U Can Find Each N Every Kind Of Bomb,
But Not A Single Comb.

We All Live Our Beautiful N Interesting Lives,
On The Edges Of Knife.

Every1’s In A Very Ud Mood,
Without Ne Food.

People Hav Not Got There Wages,
Since Wages.

Here People R Daily Cul Into Piece,
So We Rest In Peace.

The Country Is Polution Free,
Without Ne Tree.

Every1 Here Enjoys A Very Gud Health,
Without Ne Wealth.

This Thing Can Only B True That We Don’t Hav Crime,
If Sweet Is The Taste Of Lime.

I Know That After All This Also Ne1 Says That India Will Die,
Then Its A White Lie.

But My Frnz How Can I Console My Mind Bcoz It Knows That
If It Continues Like This Then Our Country Is Going 2 Die

More Shayari by Ghayal Shayar
14 Dec 2020 No Comment 4

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