Aksar Ye Sun.Ne Mein

Aksar Ye Sun.Ne Mein Aata Hain
Bahut Pyaar Hain Tumse

Dil Kya Jaan Bhee De Denge
Aksar Ye Sun.Ne Mein Aata Hain

Kabhi Ajmaa Ke To Dekh Lena
Jarurat Par Jahaan Bhii De Denge

Aksar Ye Sun.Ne Mein Aata Hain
Pyaar Mein Tumhaare Hain Itne Dube

Chaand Taare Bhii Tod Ke Laa Denge
Aksar Kayi Baat Sun.Ne Mein Aati Hain…

Par Sach Kya Hain…
Sau Log Kahate Hain

Kuchh Hee Kar Paate Hain..
Usme Bhee Chaand Taare To Kya

Ekk Pal Bhee Saath Nahii De Paate Hain…
Kho Jaate Hain Wo Waade

Jo Khushiyon Ke Waqt Kiya Tha
Tut Jaati Hai Wo Rasme

Aur Bachta Hain Ya To Nafrat…
Ya Kaashfir Ye Sun.Ne Mein Aata Hain
Kaash Main Kuchh Kar Sakta

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26 Mar 2019 No Comment 15

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