Ajnabi Hum Tumhe Jaante Hai

Ajnabi Hum Tumhe Jaante Hai, Teri Khusbu Hum Lakhon Mein Pehchante Hai,

Tum Jab Bhi Gujarte Ho Inn Rahon Se, Hum Khuda Se Tumhari Salamti Ki Duva Mangte Hai.

By Tanvi

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    10 May 2011 No Comment 25

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    Ajnabi Hum Tumhe Jante H, Teri Khusbu Hum Lakhon Me Pehchante H, Tum Jab B Gujarte Ho In Rahon Se, Hum Khuda Se Tumhari Salamti Ki Duva Mangte H.

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