Ajeeb Khuabeeda Lagti Hai Ye Rasm-E-Zindagi

Ajeeb Khuabeeda Lagti Hai Ye Rasm-E-Zindagi
Her Taraf Dhuaan Dhuaan Zeher Zeher Zindagi

Kisi Ne Poocha Aaj Jab Akhir Kia Hai Zindagi
Main Ne Kaha Sirf Sud-O-Ziyan Hai Zindagi

Kisi Ke Liye Khushion Ka Mehal Hai Zindagi
Kisi Ke Liye Faqat Aah-O-Baqa Hai Zindagi

Sab Ka Apna Apna Hai Falsafaye Zindagi
Main Faqat Ye Samjhi Bas Saza Hai Zindagi

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