Aisa Mujhe Lagta Hai

Aisa Mujhe Lagta Hai.
Ki Ek Ajnabi Ladka Mujhse.

Pyar Bahot Karta Hai.
Mujhe Bahot Chahta Hai.

Chup Chup Ke Dekhta Rehta Hai.
Par Nazar Milane Se Darta Hai.

Nazar Se Dur Jab Hoti Hun
Mujhe Talashta Rehta Hai.

Shayad Woh Mujhe Bohat Chahta Hai.
Paas Aana Chahta Hai.

Kuch Kehna Chahta Hai.
Par Kuch Ghabra Sa Jata Hai.

Usse Dekh Mujhe Aisa Lagta Hai
Pyar Woh Mujhse Karta Hai

Par Kehne Se Darta Hai.
Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai

Kya Kya Sochta Rehta Hai.
Par Baat Ek Mujhe Kehna Hai.
Woh Mujhe Jaan Se Pyara Hai.

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04 Nov 2008 No Comment 34

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