Adhoorey Chaand Ki Woh Adhoori Raat

Adhoorey Chaand Ki
Woh Adhoori Raat

Hontoo Per Dum Toorti
Un Kahi Un Suni

Woh Adhoori Baat
Woh Kuch Ajnabi Sa

Woh Kuch Shansa Sa
Rahi Adhoori Mulakaat

Dil Ne Kuch Khoya
Dil Ney Kuch Paya

Ajnabi Un Chahi
Adhoori Woh Shaam

Ley Ker Ghum Sare
Merey Badley Mein

Ghum Bhi Apna Na Diya
Kya Dosti Kya Pyaar

Kaisey Deta Woh Is
Rishtey Ko Koi Naam

Bus Sub Gumnaam
Be Naam Anjaan

Adhoori Mulakaat
Adhoori Her Baat Aur

Adhooray Chaand Ki
Woh Adhoori Raat

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