Abstract Art Kay Mulbay Say

Abstract Art Kay Mulbay Say Yeh Niklee Daulat
Jis Ko Sanjhay Thay Anannas Woh Niklee Aurat.
Aik Tasveer Jo Kamal-E-Fun Thee
Bhains Kay Jism Pay, Oont Kee Gurdan See Thee.
Naqsh-E-Mahbood Musavvir Nay Saja Rakha Hay.
Main Yeh Samjha Keh Tapai Pay Garha Rakha Hay.
Is Numaish Main Jo Utfal Chalay Aatay Thay.
Dar Kay Maaon Kay Seenay Say Lippat Jatay Thay.

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31 May 2017 No Comment 27

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