Abracadabra, Sip, Whip, Fooh

Abracadabra, Sip, Whip, Fooh
I Am I! And, You Are You

Look, I Am I! And, You Are You
I’m Sandy Rough I’m Firm, And Tough

I’m All At Ease Contained Enough
You’re Ivory-White You’re Soft

You’re New Look, I Am I! And, You’re You
T Was Friendly Bout And, Now I’m Out

Keep Mum, And Calm I’m My Own Clout
You’re Silky ; Milky Are Your Teeth

You’re Lovely Perspective At View
Look, I Am I! And, You Are You

What Have You Been? I Have Not Seen
And, What Was I ? You Have Not Seen

What You Are Now: It’s Worth Enough
And, Then, What I’m, Are Hardly Few

Look, I Am I! And, You’re You
Let’s Leave The Past Pious Or Aghast?

Let’s Row Jointly Yards-Booms A-Mast
Sea Shore Is, Yet, Far-Off From View

Let’s Lift The Anchor Now, In-Lieu
Look, I Am I! And, You’re You

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
17 Oct 2008 No Comment 3

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