Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 59

To Get Virtuous Children

Tamil Transliteration

Thanjam Piridhillai Eedhalla Dhendrun Thava Nerikkae
Nenjam Payila Ninaikkindrilaen Ottrai Neell Silaiyum
Anjambhum Ikku Alar Aaga Nindraai Ariyaar Aeninum
Panjanjum Melladiyaar Adiyaar Pettra Balaraiyae


Wielder Of Sugar Cane As The Bow And
Five Different Flowers As Arrow!
Reluctant To Study Thy Virtuous Ways And
Never Contemplating Thy Form In Mind
Though No Other Refuge Than Thee Is The Fact
Castigation Not The Caliber Of Women
With Spongy Feet Of Their Children For Contempt
Hey Abhirami Abhor Not This Barren!

Simple Meaning
Abhirami, You Are Holding Sugar Cane And The Five Flowers For Bow And Arrow; Other Than You There Is No Refuge; Eventhough I Am Aware Of This I Do Not Fix You In Mind And Do Not Follow Your Virtues; Fot That Do Not Punish Me; Womenfolk Never Punish Their Children Even If They Commit Mistakes


The Irony Is That Abhirami Bhattar Commits The Error Of Declaring That Day As “ Full Moon Day “ When It Was “ New Moon Day “; That Time He Was Fully Absorbed Meditating On Her Glorious Form;
But Now He Talks About His Failure To Remember Abhirami At Any Moment And About His Failure To Follow The Scriptures;
Why? Perhaps He Is Not Happy About His Pleading; Eventhough He Is Aware That Except Abhirami Nobody Can Help Him Out He Is Doubtful And The Mind Wanders Out Of Focus;
For This Blunder Also He Surrenders Unto Her Only As Mother Only Has The Extreme Capacity Of Ignoring All The Faults Of Her Children

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