Ab K Safar Hi Aur Tha Aur Hi Kuch Sairaab The

Ab K Safar Hi Aur Tha Aur Hi Kuch Sairaab The
Aashet-E-Talab Main Ja Ba Ja Sangh Giran-E-Khuwab The

Ab Kay Bars Bahar Ki Rut Bhi Thee Inteezar Ki
Lehjon Mai Sail-E-Dard Tha Aankhon Mai Iztiraab The

Khwabon Kay Chaand Dhal Gay  Taaron K Dum Nikal Ge
Phoolon Kay Hath Jal Gay  Kaisay Yeah Aaftaab The

Rabt Ki Baat Aur Hay  Zabt Ki Baat Aur Hay
Yeh Jo Fishaar-E-Khaak Hay Is Mai Kabhi Gulab The

Abr Bars Kay Khul Gay  Jee Kay Ghubar Dhal Ge
Aankh Mai Ronoma Huey Shehr Jo Zer-E-Aab The

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