Aataa Hai Kis Andaaz Se Tuk Naaz To Dekho

Aataa Hai Kis Andaaz Se Tuk Naaz To Dekho
Kis Dhaj Se Qadam Padataa Hai Andaaz To Dekho

Karataa Huun Main Duzdiidaa Nazar Gar Kabhii Us Par
Nazaron Mein Parakh Le Hai Nazarbaaz To Dekho

[Duzdiidaa Nazar = Sly/stealthy Glance]

Main Kanguraa-E-Arsh Se Par Maar Ke Guzaraa
Allaah Re Rasaaii Merii Paravaaz To Dekho

[Kanguraa-E-Arsh = Roof Of The Seventh Heaven]
[Rasaaii = Reach; Paravaaz = Flight]

Abtar Hai Ye Diivaan Miyaan ‘Mussahfi’ Saaraa
Anjaam Ko Kyaa Kahate Ho Aagaaz To Dekho

[Abtar = Scattered; Divaan = Collection Of Verses]
[Anjaam = Result/end; Aagaaz = Beginning/start]

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