Aaj Taraste Hain Hum Un Lamhon Ke Liye

Kuch Lamhe Aaye Zindagi Mein Kuch Lamhon Ke Liye,
Aaj Phir Taraste Hain Hum Un Lamhon Ke Liye,

Khuda Ne Kaha Kuch Maang Lo,
Maine Kaha Wo Lamhe Phir De Do Kuch Lamhon Ke Liye.

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26 Dec 2013 No Comment 51

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Kuch Lamhe Aye Zindagi Me Kuch Lamho K Liye, Aj Fir Taraste Hen Hum Un Lamhon K Liye, Khuda Ne Kha Kuch Mang Lo, Mene Kha Wo Lamhe Fir De Do Kuch Lamho K Liye.

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