Aaj Pher Aanaa Saawaan Hain

Aaj Pher Aanaa Saawaan Hai Barsaat Tej Howegi,
Sitarey Saade Daamaan Which Teri Yaad Bas Bahana Hai

Ik Baar Howe Ta Maan Vi Layiye, Siga Eh! Ik Haadsa,
Saade Varge Lokaan Layi Eh Tamasha Rozana Hai.

Aashik Hunde Ne Neyaane Warge Rait Te Likhde Ney Ik Duje Da Naam,
Jaande Nahi Yaaro Eh, Ik Lehar Ne Bas Sab Kuch Mitaana Hai
Neyaane * – Bache/ Childish

Darde Darde Chalde Aw Apni Parchaayi To Aaj Asi,
Kal Da Koyi Thikana Nahi Bas Dil O Jaan Lutana Hai

Aaj Lagda Hai Tu Mileya Mainu Dil Which Hajaro Mere Armaan,
Kade Mile-Kade Hoye Juda Shayad Isda Naam Zamana Hai.

Dil Kainda Hai-Bas Ho Jawe Aaj Pher Tej Jehi Barsaat.
Sitarey Saade Daaman Which Teri Yaad Ik Bahana Hai.

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