Aaj Log Ghar Nahi

Aaj Log Ghar Nahi, Makanoon Mein Rehte Hain…..
Chand Armaan Ujade Viranoon Mein Rehte Hain…..

Khwab Mein Hota Hai, Bus Unhi Kaa Tasavur, Aur…..
Samajhte Hain Hum Unke Khayalon Mein Rehte Hain……

Koi To Shukragujaar Hoga Iss Inayat-E-Bhram Ka…..
Kii Chalo, Hum Zinda In Jahanon Mein Rehte Hain…..

Mandir Choda, Chod Gayin Masjid Ki Vo Galiyaan ……
Kutch Ehsaas, Shab-O-Roz, Maikhano Mein Rehte Hain….

Koi Tapish Unhe Na Koi Jalan Hi Mehsoos Hoti Hai……
Jo Log Ubalte Hue *Aabagiinon Mein Rehte Hain.…

*Berabt Jab Hua, Shaks Jo Tha Kabhi *Ahal-E-Dil…..
Us Roz Se Hi ^aman^ Beganoon Mein Rehte Hain…..

Aaj Hum Ghar Nahi, Makanoon Mein Rehte Hain…..
Mere Armaan Ujade Viranoon Mein Rehte Hain…..

*Ahal-E-Dil= Dil Mein Rehne Wala
*Aabagiinon= Water Bubbles
*Berabt= Urelated

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21 Aug 2008 No Comment 14

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