Aaj Ke Is Daur Mein Aye Dost Yeh Manzar Kyon Hai

Aaj Ke Is Daur Mein Aye Dost Yeh Manzar Kyon Hai,
Zakham Har Sar Pe Har Ik Haath Mein Pathar Kyon Hai,

Jab Haqeeqat Hai Ke Har Zarre Mein Tu Rahta Hai,
Phir Zameen Par Kahin Masjid Kahin Mandir Kyon Hai,

Apna Anjaam Tou Maloom Hai Sabko Phir Bhi,
Apni Nazron Mein Har Insaan Sikandar Kyon Hai,

Zindagi Jeene Ke Kaabil Hii Nahin Ab “Fakir“,
Varna Har Aankh Mein Ashqon Ka Samandar Kyon Hai

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