Aaj In Ankhon Mein Nami Si Hai

Aaj In Ankhon Mein Nami Si Hai
Jo Durr Hai Apne Unki Kami Si Hain

Adhure Reh Gaye Hai Jo Khwaab
Unko Poora Karne Ki Aas Jagi Si Hain

Takti Hai Aankhein Wo Manzile
Jinki Raahein Ab Thami Si Hain

Chall To Rahi Hai Saansein Magar
Khooshboo Teri Is Men Jami Sii Hain

Kar Raha Hai Vaqt Bhi Kitney Sitam
Is Ki Fitrat Bhi Lagta Hai Admi Si Hain

Paas Mere Kuchh Nahii Juz Lamho Ke
Mere Jine Ko Yaad Teri Laazmi Si Hain

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08 Oct 2008 No Comment 196

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