Aainah Toot Janhee Kah Tuh Bahaana Nah Kar

Aainah Toot Janhee Kah Tuh Bahaana Nah Kar
Aksh Sab Bikhar Jaaneh Kah Tuh Ab Bahaana Nah Kar

Eik Bhi Boond Nahee Geeri Asmaa Shee
Baadloh Koh Nah Barashneh Kah Tuh Ab Bahaana Nah Kar

Ankh She Dil Talak Khileh They Sirf Kantee
Phooloh Kah Murjhaaneh Kah Tuh Ab Bahaana Nah Kar

Sapneh Toh Sirf Sapne Hotee Hain
Ankhee Kholkar Dekh Jarah

Dard Koh Pee Janeh Kah Tuh Ab Bahaana Nah Kar

Eik Kadam Bhi Tuh Nah Chal Shakaah Saath Mein
Kaarvaah Chhoot Janeh Kah Ab Tuh Bahaana Na Kar

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