Badhaa Neh Muhobbat Maah

Badhaa Neh Muhobbat Maah Khovayee Jaavooh Padeh Cheh
Koi Wakhat Nakaamoo Vagovayee Jaavooh Padeh Cheh

Kadaach Amaaroh Hasheh Bhaag Eh Jam Maah Pan
Etleeh Madeerah Thee Chalkayee Jaavooh Padeh Cheh

Nazar Teer Karee Deh Cheh Jakhmee ……..
Eneh Veena Wankhe Vindhayee Jaawooh Padeh Cheh

Asha Cheh Aap Mujh Neh Aapnee Prathnaa Maah Yaad Karsho

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12 Apr 2020 No Comment 14

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