Aage Bade Na Qissaa-E-Ishq-E-Butaan Se Ham

Aage Bade Na Qissaa-E-Ishq-E-Butaan Se Ham
Sab Kuchh Kahaa Magar Na Khule Raazadaan Se Ham

Ab Bhaagate Hain Saayaa-E-Ishq-E-Butaan Se Ham
Kuchh Dil Se Hain Dare Hue Kuchh Aasmaan Se Ham

Hansate Hain Usake Giriiyaa-E-Beikhtiyaar Par
Bhuule Hain Baat Kahake Koii Raazadaan Se Ham

Ab Shauq Se Bigaad Kii Baaten Kiyaa Karo
Kuchh Paa Gaye Hain Aap Kii Tarz-E-Bayaan Se Ham

Jannat Men Tuu Nahiin Agar Ye Zakhm-E-Teg-E-Ishq
Badalenge Tujhako Zindagii-E-Jaavidaan Se Ham

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