A Time

There Was A Time
When I Thought You Were For Me.
I Saw No Flaws In My Choice;
I Guess I Didn’t See.

You Didn’t Treat Me Nicely
Despite How I Treated You.
I Cared For You, I Loved You
And That You Even Knew.

I Kept Telling Myself
That You Could Change Your Ways.
But You Proved Me Wrong
Every Single Day.

I Didn’|t Know What To Do Then,
My Heart Was Already Broken.
You Broke My Heart And You Used It
Like Some Kind Of Game Token.

You Gained Satisfaction
From Other People’s Pain.
You Never Even Cared For Me
You Drove Me Insane!!!

I Realize Now That Its Impossible
To Even Be Your Friend.
There Is No Chance Left For Me,
Our Relationship’|s At An End.

I Can’t Believe I Never Saw It Before.
What Had Blinded Me?
Everyone Knew This Would Happen
How Come I Couldn’t See?

I Guess I Was Overconfident
That This Would Work Out Fine.
I Guess I Was Mistaken,
I Had Crossed The Line.

Things Will Never Be
The Way That I Dreamed Them To Be.
You Don’t Treat Anyone With Respect
So Why Would You Care For Me?.

by Krizalid 

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08 Jul 2008 No Comment

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