A Sweet Llt Morning Prayer

A Sweet Little Morning Prayer !!

Oh God …
Help Me Log On Without Fretting
Guide Me As I’m Interneting
Bless My Downloading And Uploading
Keep My Browser From Exploding

May My Web Site Be Protected
Let Not My Password Be Rejected
Keep My Line Always Connected
And May All My Inputs Be Accepted

Please Keep All My Programs Alive
And To Remember To Back-Up My Hard Drive
And Protect My Computer From A Crashing Dive
From A Virus That Would Make It A Nesting Hive

No Fatal Errors During The Day
Keeping Clrusr At The Bay
Hand-Over System Back By Seven
Back To Home Like A Heaven

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15 Mar 2018 1 Comment 14

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  1. phill says:

    i would love to have these sweet emotions to let who ever i write to get to know what i mean so that none of my words will be wrongly meant for their intentions

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