A Sweet Gal Was Sitting Near The Road

A Sweet Gal Was Sitting Near The Road
Oh She Was Sitting There All Alone

There Came Then A Sweet Little Boy
As He Walked Past The Gal He Said

O! Boy O! Boy What A Pretty Las.
He Stopped Next To The Sweet Gal

And Asked “Hey You Pretty Gal
Why Are You Sitting Here All Alone?”

The Gal Looked Up With A Innocent Face
She Had Tears Rolling Down Her Face

“Oh I Have Nobody To Play With”
“None Of The Other Children Like Me” Sob…Sob..

The Boy Looked Puzzled And A Bit Confused
“Why Is That No One Will Play With You?”

She Said “They Say I Am Not One Of Them”
Oh Poor Gal She Had Been Crying All Day

“They Say I’m Different For I Have A Heart Of Gold”
The Boy Was Stunned And Then Started To Laugh.

Poor Gal Just Said “I Knew You Would Also Laugh”
“Nobody Loves Me, Everybody Hates Me”

“Sorry Sweety I Wasn’t Laughing At You”
He Wiped The Tears Of The Sweet Little Gal.

“I Was Laughing At All The Other Kiddos”
“For They Do Not Know The Value Of Heart Of Gold”

The Gal Stopped Crying, Looked Up And Said “Really”
The Boy Gave Her A Sweet Smile And Said “Yeah”

She Said “Will You Be Kind Enough To Tell Me?”
“Oh Baby It Cannot Be Valued, It Is Priceless”

“You Are Lucky For God Gives It To A Selected Few”
The Gal Eyes Lit Up With Joy And She Smiled.

The Boy Said “Will You Be My Friend?”
The Gal Smiled And Said “It Will Be A Pleasure”
The Boy Winked And Said “No Gal, Pleasure Is All Mine

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