A Sister’s Love

No Good Blessing But Sister,
Which Makes Us Remember Of God.
The Blessing Which Bitterly Glitter,
As In Splendour,The Golden Sword.

Deprivation Of Sister,Badluck For Me,
But Destiny,Full Of Mysterious.
Bestowing Me A One Very Free,
The One For Which I Was Anxious.

Her Face So Lovaly As Rose,
Appearing Like A Paradise Fairy.
Her Smiles Points To Blooming Primrose,
Singing In Air,Sweet Melody.

The Best Pleasure Of Life,
Plays Joyously On Her Face.
Her Character Denies The Strife,
And This,Her Mighty Grace.

Her Nobilities Are Intoxication,
And Not Behind In Performance.
Her Personality With All Incarnation,
Is Model Of Manners,Elegance.

For Me,She Is Dream-Come-True,
But Secret Is,Who Is She.
Verily The Pricess Of Singing Vales,
The Soni,My Dear Baji….

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    11 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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