A Place Of Less Despair With No Fear Or Cares

A Place Of Less Despair With No Fear Or Cares
Great Green Pasture And Clear Fresh Air

A Place Where
Men Don’t Get Murdered Over Gloves

Golden Tenements, And Silver-Tiled Floors
By The Square Inch

Where Flowers That Grow Naturally
Long The Side Of A Park Bench

A Place Of Less Detriment And Evil Thoughts
A Place Where Children Can Roam Freely

So Parents Can Rest Easy
A Place Where Authority Figures Could Never

Beat Me
A Place With Platinum-Paved Streets
With No Need To Be Discreet

The Poor Would Always Eat
And Have Shoes On Their Feet

A Comfort Zone Where
Every Man, Woman, And Child

Possess An Eternal Smile
A Place Where Innocence Could Never Be Defiled

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30 Jan 2009 No Comment

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