A New Beginning

As I Finally Take My First In Steps Leaving The Past Behind,
The Thought Of You Seems To Paint Perfect Pictures In My Mind.
Now The Time Has Come To Let Those Feelings Dissolve,
On A Mission Like A Mystery Waiting To Be Solved.
You Say You Don’t Want To Love Me, You Say You Don’t Want To Cry,
You Try To Forget About Me, Giving All Your Time To Some Random Guy.
You Want Me To Be My Old Self You Want Me To Still Care,
But Can’t You See My Love? Or Are You Still Blinded By The Glare?
You Say You Don’t Want To Hurt, You Say You Don’t Want To Regret,
I Sit Here And Remember Like Yesterday That First Day That We Met.
I’m Leaving Now, And You Showed Me No Point In Looking Back,
I’ll Wipe My Entire Existence And Clean Up All My Tracks.
It’s Over My Love You Won’t Find Me Anymore,
I Threw Our Love In The Ocean And It Won’t Ever Find A Shore.
I Can Suffer The Pain Of A Thousand Bullets Penetrating Through My Brain,
But This Anguish Feeling In My Heart Is Driving Me Past Insane.
You Ask Me If I Know What Love Is Or Is It All A Game,
Love To Me Is Within My Heart That Internal Burning Flame.
It’s When I Look Into Your Eyes And Tears I Start To Cry.
It’s That Passionate Desire I Have For You, The Reason I Always Try.
It’s That Pleasure I Got Out Of Holding You, So Tightly In My Hands, You Know, The One You Knew, Before You Changed Your Plans.
It’s That Overpowering Emotion We Had When We Were Together,
Now Your Feelings Have Changed, Faster Than The Weather.
It’s That Indescribable Difference We Make In Each Other’s Lives,
That Tingling Feeling Inside That Makes Us Want To Strive.
If You Would Ask Me If I Loved Myself More Than I Love You, I Would Then Reply I Died To Myself And Live Only For You.
I Said It Once And Said It Again But Now One Final Time,
It’s Time To Part Ways My Love, A Huge Ladder We’ll Have To Climb.
Hello Is So Easy To Say, Goodbye Is So Hard To Do,
If Only You Knew My Love, I’d Die For You To Be My Boo.
You Say It’s Easy For You To Turn Around And Walk So Far Away,
Because Of All The Things I’ve Done, In Those Fallen Lost Days.
Think Of All The Things You Say, And How I Changed My Life,
Not Just For Me My Love, It Was For You To Be My Wife.
I Don’t Know How I’m Writing This In A Perished Mental State,
Maybe We’re Not Meant To Be, Or Maybe It’s Our Fate?
Now It’s Time To Do The Hardest Thing I’ll Ever Have To Do,
Is To Turn Around And Walk Away, Pretending I Don’t Love You.

by trinizfinest

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08 Jul 2008 No Comment

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