A Moment When We Met

There Was A Moment When We Met
Followed Some Moments Which Saw Us Become Friends.

Moments It Took You To Realize That You Love Me
And A Moment When You Spoke Your Heart

Moments It Took Me To Accept It Wasnt A Dream
A Moment When I Accepted That I Loved U Too

Each Moment Of The Day Did We Spend Toegther
And Evrery Moment In The Night Went Dreaming About Love

With Each Passing Moment We Came Closer And Closer
A Single Moment Of Separation Seemed Like Ages

Moments That You Were In Pain, Made My Heartbeats Stop
Moments Of My Happiness, Reflected As Smile On Your Lips

A Moment When You Said “We Can Never Get Married
The Moment When I Asked “Let Us Then Be Just Friends”

The Moments You Cried Saying You Cant Live Without Me
Moments Of That Darkest Night Of My Life Your Cries Echoed Everywhere

A Moment Then I Decided I Cant See You Cry I’ll Keep Loving You As Before….
Moments After That We Spent Plunged Completely In Love,

The Moments In Which We Gave Our Every Bit To Each Other
Moments Which Saw Us Both Crying And Smile

The Moments, You Had Entered My Soul….
A Moment Than You Told Me That “I’ve Said Yes To Him”

The Moments That We Cried Together On Our Fate
Moments That You Spent Near To Him But Closer To Me

All Those Moments We Were Still Together Despite Knwoing Evreything….
A Moment Then, You Decided You Have To Come Over It To Be Able To Love Him

And That Moment On You Made Yourself Distant
Moments In Which I Killed Myself In Bits, Thinking You Were In Pain

The Endless Moments I Cried, Unsuccesfully Teaching My Heart To Beat Without You
Moments My Eyes Waited Desparately For A Sight Of You

Each Moment That I Re-Lived A Life On Seeing You
After That, The Moments I Spent Convincing My Heart That You’ll Come Soon

The Moments I Waited For That Special Day Of Our’s, In A Hope To Get A Message Of You
A Moment You Said, Their Was Somebody Who Loved You

And A Moment When You Said That You Liked Him Too…
Yes I Cried, I Cried A Lot That Moment Had Shattered Me

But Then A Moment, My Pride Stopped Me From Shedding Them…
Not Even For A Moment Can I Cry For Someone Who Doesnt Love Me

I Love You, But I Am Too Proud To Expect Even A Moment Of Love From You Now….
I Am Thankful To You For Those Innumerable Moments You Kept Me In Your Heart
But From This Moment On

More Shayari by Pulkit Gupta
16 Sep 2008 No Comment

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