A Lifetime Filled With Cheating Hearts

A Lifetime Filled With Cheating Hearts,
All Echo From My Past,
The “Promise Trues” And “I Love You’s,”
Each One Was Meant To Last.

So Fine This Line Of Sharing,
Built With Honesty And Trust,
Each Vow Now Left Inside My Head,
To Slowly Gather Dust.

I Struggle To Tomorrow, Searching Hope,
Yet Walking Blind,
While Broken Dreams, And Silent Screams,
Play Re-Runs In My Mind.

I Try To Shake, Each Past Mistake,
And Meet What Lies Ahead,
While Hearing Cold Reminders
Of These Promises Once Said.

It’s Hard To Feel, What’s Wrong From Real,
When Shadows Dim The Light,
I Close My Eyes And Dream A Dream
Of Heaven Every Night.

Is All I Know, This History I Hold
A Guiding Hand?
These Scars I Show,
A Lesson That I Yet Don’t Understand?

Another Day Awaits Me,
In This Life I Call My Own,
A Cruel Delay Frustrates Me,
As I Face This World Alone.

Let Words Once Said, And Tears Long Shed,
Rest Peaceful In This Heart,
I Know The Pain Of Love In Vain,
Will Always Play Its Part.

With Open Arms I Welcome What New Dreams
That May Arise,
I Only Pray To Find One Day,
A Love Without Good-Byes

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