A Honey-Do List

I Wrote A Long Honey-Do List
And Handed It To My Husband.
With A Smile He Read It And With A Fold
He Stuffed It In His Pocket.
I’ll Get To This As Soon As I Can,
But Can’t You Hear The Cry From The Dogs.

Who Can’t Hear The Cry Of The Dogs?
Did You Not Read My List?
If You Won’t Do It I Can,
I Said To My Loving Husband
I Took The List From His Pocket.
And Opened It At The Fold.

It Was Closed With A Fold,
Because I Want To Hunt My Dogs.
Now Return It To My Pocket.
I Will Get To The List,
Said My Loving Husband.
I’ll Get To It When I Can.

I’m Doing The Best I Can,
And He Creased It At The Fold.
Cried Out My Loving Husband,
You Know I Love My Dogs.
I’ll Get Around To This List
And Returned It To His Pocket.

With My Fingers I Tapped The Pocket,
Maybe You Can’t But I Can,
Dropp You From My List.
Grabbing Me He Did Fold
Me In His Arms Like He Does His Dogs.
I Am Your Loving Husband.

I Promise You Said My Loving Husband,
With A Hand On His Heart Across His Pocket
I Love You More Than My Dogs
I’ll Get To You When I Can
Please Return Me To Your Fold
Because You Know You Head My List

Thirty-Two Dogs And One Husband
Added To My List And Stuffed In A Pocket
Enjoy It While I Can And Iron Out Our Differences At The Fold.

Victoria Dame

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14 Jul 2008 No Comment

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