A Fpecial Friend

Yes You Are Special To Me ____ , God Sent You My Way
While I Was Minding My Own Business One Day
This Is How We Began To Pray
I Know You Remember
As I Prayed With You
How God Let You Feel His Holy Spirit Too

Your Heart Was Even Heavy Then
But Yet And Still ,He Still Wanted To Send
A Love And Peace Down Into Your Heart
Hoping You Would Never From Him Depart

From The Love Only He Can Make You Feel
As Each Day Passes He Will Begin To Heal
Heal All Of Your Dark And Secret Pain
As You Let It Out Each Day You Will Gain

More Confidence In Your Life
As He Begins To Remove ,The Anger And The Strife
You Do Have Purpose Yet To Be Revealed
Only You Have The Key To Unlock What Has Been Sealed

No More Secrets To Keep Your Past Alive
Giving Them Up To God So You Can Continue To Survive
Survive You Have , Sometimes I Don’t Know How
All I Know Is Your Trying To Make It Now
You Have Opened The Door To Your Past
As Hard And Painful As It Is , Finally At Last

Each Step As You Begin To Make
It Will Become A Little More Easier
For Each One You Decide To Take

I Know That You Cant See Any Of This Now
But God Knows You Will Anyhow
So Just Know My Dear Friend
Anytime You Need Me ,
To You A Heartful Of Love
And Caring,I Hope To Lend

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05 Jul 2008 No Comment

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