A Decent Proposal

I Can’t Begin To Describe
The Feelings I Have For You
When You Look Into My Eyes
What It Makes Me Do

My Lips Begin To Tremble
My Heart Begins To Ache
My Knees Go Weak And Shaking
My Body Begins To Quake

I’ve Never Really Expressed Myself
My Feelings I’ve Kept In A Jar
But Now, With You, I Feel The Need
To Tell You What They Are

I Feel Your Presence When You Are Near
And For Your Touch My Body Cries
But When You Smile And Walk Away
My Heart And Soul Just Dies

You Are My Fantasy
In The Darkness Of Night
I Gaze At You
And Hold You Tight

I Open My Eyes And Look For You
At The Breaking Of The Dawn
But Your Place Here Is Only My Dream
And Once Again You’re Gone

If I Can’t Have Your Love Just Yet
I’ll Wait To The End Of Time
To Me, It Will Be Worth It
To Truly Call You Mine

Tucked Into The Shadows Of Your Life
Is A Place I Do Not Fear
‘Cause Even Though I’m Not With You Yet
I’ll Be Forever Never

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